Top Reasons Why You Should Own a Branded Email Address

Being in business without an email address is impossible nowadays. When creating an email address, you can choose to use a free email account or a branded email address. Most businesses will go with the free email account. While it is free, it could cost your business much more money than you would have spent on the branded email address. We intend to discuss the reasons why a branded email address is much better than the free email address in this article.

Why You Have to Create a Branded Email Address

1. It is More Professional

The business you are running is serious. Therefore, it should be taken seriously. If you are sending your emails from a free email account, most people will not take you seriously. Using a generic email address will work against the business. It will project inexperience. People may even doubt whether your company is real. A branded email address will show your audience you are a real and professional business. People trust professional businesses more.

2. Promote Your Brand

Each time you send an email, the brand name will not just be seen in the email body. It will be right there in the email address itself. When you use a generic email, for example, using Gmail, you will be promoting Google Mail instead of your own business. A branded email address is an easy way to promote your business without using too much of your money. Remember, brand building is not something that only huge businesses do. No business is too small to start building its brand.

3. It Will Help Build Trust and Credibility

No business is capable of succeeding without trust and credibility. Unfortunately, generic email addresses will not help you with building your trust and credibility. Scammers are everywhere. Therefore, people are less likely to trust a business that uses a generic email address. A branded email address will tell the potential client that you are a genuine business. He or she will be more comfortable when communicating with your business and sending his or her important data.

4. More Flexibility

If you own a branded email address, you will not have to worry about the storage limits or even changes made to the terms and conditions. When you are using a free email address, you do not own it. If you are using a Gmail email address, Google owns the email account. This limits your flexibility.

5. More Privacy and Security

Free email services are susceptible to malware attacks and hacking. To give your customers the security they deserve, you have to invest in a branded email address. As we had mentioned above, when you are using an unbranded email address, you do not have full control over the account. Therefore, achieving the privacy you need for confidential business operations is next to impossible. When you invest in a branded email address, you will be controlling everything. You will achieve as much privacy as you need.

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