Drive Your Brand with Effective Facebook Posts

A Facebook page is a vehicle designed to keep your brand visible and active.. Each post from your brand’s page should be designed to actively engage the reader. To do this, a post has to:

– have a purpose. Is it to get the reader to the brand’s website? To get the reader to visit the brand’s physical store? To see the brand as reliable and trustworthy?

– ask for the reader’s engagement. The post can ask a question, ask for a caption to an image or photo, offer three choices and ask for a response. The reader connects to the brand “ask” just by responding.

– include a photo and include a link. The photo engages the reader with a visual cue, and the link leads the reader to the brand’s web page.

– be brief and compelling. The reader’s attention span is short, so you have only a few words to capture and hold the reader’s attention. This takes a short vivid statement that respects the reader and their appetite for information. Two well crafted sentences will usually be actually read.

– inform as well as promote. Your brand should strike a balance of 30% information to to 70% promotion to keep the reader engaged.

To keep the brand in front of the reader, the best practice is to post daily. Time the posts when most of the readers are active on Facebook.

Next: the mechanics of a Facebook post practice.

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