Do You Know Your Customers?

Who are they? What do they value? What inspires them? What problem do they need you to solve?

Last we checked, not too many robots are browsing the interwebs looking for companies to do business with. So the odds are in your favor that your customers are people, great, problem numero uno solved! Now, what do you know about them?

Our point is or at least YOUR point should be… is that you built a website or launched a campaign because you needed customers. And not just any customers, but customers that will find some benefit from forking over cold hard cash for a service or product you offer. You can throw a site together, you can throw a campaign together, it will get some clicks, maybe a couple Facebook likes; but have those people helped contribute to growing your business?

Marketing of any kind should start with your customers. Before launching any campaign or slapping down those first header background colors on your website, make sure you truly understand what your customers want & need. You’re in the business of selling something to people. Those people are probably humans, they’re alive (not zombies… yet), they probably work… live… eat… sleep in some kind of dwelling & we’d venture a guess that it’s probably on Earth. So you’ve got a little bit of information there, now what?

We’d be willing to bet that the products & services you offer were designed out of some kind of necessity, right? And hopefully over the years you’ve been able to sell a few products & some services to true-to-be-you humans. Now, you should be able to take the products that were sold… match those products to the customers/their information… and you should be able to start grouping the products/categories + who bought them.

A lot of companies don’t have any idea on where to get started & some of the most descriptive information on your customers is something you already have, it just takes a little time & patience to put it all together into buckets or profiles or buyer personas. Eventually, after you’ve spent enough time rooting around in data & looking at customer purchases, trends should start to emerge & you’ll be able to group together larger groups or customer profiles. Once those profiles are created, we start laying the groundwork on a strategy to reach those customers & other customers like them with a carefully selected, targeted marketing campaign.

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