An Affordable Solution for your Website Headaches

An Affordable Solution for your Website Headaches

There seems to be a thousand different ways people can build a website now. A lot of first time website owners choose what is advertised as the most “user-friendly” platform, only to later find out it’s not so friendly. Whether you are building a business or personal website, the way you build it has consequences.

The BIG Problem with “all-inclusive” Website Platforms

At first glance “all-inclusive” website builders like Wix seem efficient, however, they quickly become a nightmare once you want to start making modifications. By modifications, I mean taking your website to the next level and adding more user options as your business grows. These types of websites are appealing because they allow the user to control the look, but functionality is taken away from the owner. This is the big trade-off, and often times comes back to haunt the website owner. Lack of control and advanced features is never a smart trade-off for going with something “simple.” In the beginning “simple” seems like the right choice, but like anything new, you quickly learn and want to advance. What do you do when the platform you’re using has an advancement cap built in? Keep reading.

The HIGH Cost of Going Simple

The lowest monthly starter plan for some of these “all inclusive” websites turn you into a platform for advertising. For example, Wix’s $4.08 a month plan will include Wix advertising on your page, and as price plans go up they become more expensive than setting up your  own website and own hosting. These sites do not allow unlimited bandwidth or file storage at even the highest level of membership. Every time you want to make a tweak or change you will get charged. The costs add up fast.

We Can Help!

If you already have one of these sites don’t worry. There are ways to add code and make them more functional. It is not easy, and often times very costly. One of the services we pride ourselves in is making these sites perform better for our customers. Stop getting billed for every little tweak or change to your website. We can help you with those last minute issues when you’re in a bind. If you’ve spent years building your business on an inflexible website and have hit a wall in development give us a call today. (216) 221-7932.

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