A Clear Vision For Your Brand – the Key to Social Media Success

Every user of social media knows business has come to stay on social media. Since 2009, when Facebook introduced the Facebook Page, organizations, including businesses, have been able to create pages for others to follow. Since 2011, when its use became news, Twitter has been a credible channel of commercial communication. Both the Facebook page and the Twitter hashtag allows individuals to connect to a brand as they would connect to a person.

Since that time, business has built an increasing presence on these leading social media platforms, as more and more potential customers live more of their lives on social media on their mobile devices. Social media remains a new frontier so long as it keeps expanding.

Setting up a Facebook page is straight-forward and signing up for Twitter takes a few moments, so it is easy to enter this new frontier. Working on this new frontier to drive visits to your site and convert those visits to sales, however, requires a feels for how social media fits into a general branding strategy. And that strategy requires clear goals and a clear vision of your brand.

A clear vision of your brand requires that you step back, for even a moment, to reflect on how your brand communicates the qualities of your business, whether product or service, and communicate that your business reliably delivers a product with reliable qualities (e.g. good coffee every time) or a reliable service (e.g. clean shirts ready the next day.) The brand has to deliver this message so that when the brand is seen for its particular quality and reliability.

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